Highland Spring are leading the way with 100% recycled bottle

We were delighted to see the news today that Highland Spring are to become the first UK water brand to introduce a 100% recycled bottle. As a customer and supplier of ours, we’re proud to see Highland Spring leading the way in the UK bottled water market in the effort to eliminate plastic waste and we’re keen to see how consumers react to the initial trial.

 The 500ml eco bottle will go on sale this month in selected supermarkets in Scotland and England and will be clearly labelled to differentiate it from other plastic bottles. Consumers will be invited to give their feedback on the 100% recycled containers online or in stores.

 Reducing plastic waste is a very topical issue at the moment and this significant effort by a major drinks company is certainly encouraging news for consumers. We look forward to seeing the outcome of the trial and hope it inspires some additional recycling efforts throughout the industry – we’ll certainly be continuing ours with Reverse Vending.

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