As Scotland’s leading vending solutions supplier, we provide all of the services you will need, whether you have 10 or 500 employees. From desktop coffee machines to full-scale hot and cold food vending machines, Excel will have a solution for you.

We can provide a fully managed service whereby we take care of all your vending operation from machine maintenance to stock control. We can offer unattended Micro Markets with touchless payment options, and we can offer reverse vending solutions that enable you to manage the return of single-use plastic bottles and cans.

Fully Managed Service

The primary purpose of any vending operation is to provide convenience for your staff, but this needn’t mean the provision of a vending service is a burden to the business.

Excel’s fully managed service offers the best possible solution; so, your people will have easy access to the products they want, but it will be provided with minimum inconvenience to you.

Our highly experienced Vending Operators are responsible for the maintenance, cleaning and stocking of your vending machines. Regular planned visits ensure that your machines are operable and adequately stocked at all times. We also provide detailed reports on sales and machine usage that ensure the vending operation is operating efficiently for you and your staff.

On the rare occasion there’s an issue with one of our machines, our standard response time to service breakdowns is 4 hours, and we introduce bespoke SLA’s for each client. We meet our SLA’s over 95% of the time, with the closest service representative always routed to attend to your needs.

Micro Markets / Unattended Retail

Micro Markets offer the opportunity to provide a broader range of products than you would typically find in vending machines. Newspapers, stationery, consumables, personal hygiene products, fresh fruit are just some of the products your staff will use daily. By introducing a Micro Market operation, you can offer a wide selection of products for the convenience of your team.

Payments are taken at an unattended electronic touchless checkout that also manages your stock levels, making it easy to monitor what’s selling and what’s not. The technology that takes the payments can also display useful messages featuring exclusive offers and new products; more importantly, it can act as an electronic noticeboard, putting out required notices to your staff.

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Reverse Vending Machines

The introduction of the Deposit Return Scheme means that from 1st July 2022 retailers will be legally required to charge 20p deposit on PET plastic bottles, glass bottles, and metal cans. Reverse Vending Machines provide an easy and efficient way to deal with returns and prepare them for collection and recycling.

Reverse Vending Machines utilise advanced 360-degree scanning technology to identify, sort, collect and process used plastic bottles and cans ready for recycling or responsible disposal.

When a plastic bottle is returned to the machine, the machine will read the barcode on the bottle to check its weight, length and measurements. The machine will then scan the barcode, pierce the bottle and compact it to 90% of its original volume. The compacted items can then be recycled into new containers or other packaging.

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Wholesale Products

Excel Vending has long-established relationships with all of the leading snack food and drinks manufacturers. These relationships ensure we have access to all of the latest products; indeed, many of our manufacturers supply us with new products ahead of them being introduced to the market.

We also offer a wide range of healthy eating choices, and we work with NHS Scotland to provide the best options that ensure your staff can access healthy and nutritious snacks in our machines. We are also able to arrange sampling sessions on your premises that enable your personnel to opt for the food selections that are offered in the vending machines.

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