Established in 1993.


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Established in 1993, Excel Vending is Scotland's leading independent vending and reverse vending solutions provider. Working with the world's leading vending equipment manufacturers, we now supply many of the country's public health, higher education and private sector organisations.

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As Scotland's leading vending solutions supplier, we provide all of the services you will need, whether you have 10 or 500 employees. From desktop coffee machines to full-scale hot and cold food vending machines, Excel will have a solution for you. We can provide a fully managed service whereby we take care of all your vending operation from machine maintenance to stock control. We can offer unattended Micro Markets with touchless payment options, and we can offer reverse vending solutions that enable you to manage the return of single-use plastic bottles and cans.

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Healthy Choices

The provision of health choices in our vending machines has always been high on our list of priorities. We provide an extensive range of healthy eating options and we have worked closely with NHS Health Scotland in advising on products that meet the criteria for catering operators seeking to qualify for the healthyliving award. We also work with food manufacturers to make them aware of the criteria set by the healthliving awards programme. These manufacturers know and respect the commitment of NHS Health Scotland to bring genuine healthier choices to consumers. They are happy to use the criteria as a standard that they must achieved in order that their products are deemed to be ‘healthier choices’.

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Reverse Vending

The introduction of the Deposit Return Scheme means that from 1st July 2022 retailers will be legally required to charge 20p deposit on PET plastic bottles, glass bottles, and metal cans. Reverse Vending Machines provide an easy and efficient way to deal with returns and prepare them for collection and recycling. Excel Vending has been involved in Reverse Vending since April 2018 when we installed a Reverse Vending machine in our showroom. Since then, we have been championed Reverse Vending and the introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme. We have welcomed Government officials, Press and other interested parties to the showroom during the consultation period, and we have conducted many training sessions and live demonstrations in schools, universities, shopping centres and public buildings.

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