An essential consideration in every workplace

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Whether we fully appreciate it or not, coffee is essential to business lives.

Think about it, how often do you suggest that you “grab a coffee”? Or, how often have you said, “Let’s discuss it over a coffee”? Or maybe “drop in for a coffee” is one of those open invitations you extend to people regularly? We do it because we know people like coffee, and they generally react positively to this much less formal and far more attractive way to set up a meeting.

We use coffee as a hook in our invitations because we know people like coffee. Coffee shops thrive because we are a nation of coffee connoisseurs; we all have our favourites and expect excellent quality.

Why would you serve something sub-standard when you manage to get that
all-important meeting? Likewise, your personnel are more than likely coffee aficionados. Are you rewarding them with good coffee?

Is it time to review your coffee provision? If so, here at Excel Vending, we are passionate about coffee, and we can offer the machine that best suits your needs from the many leading manufacturers we work with. Give us a call or submit an enquiry to start your coffee selection journey.

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Popular Coffee Machines

Coffeetex Vitro S

Vitro’s smoked glass door and touchscreen interface elegantly display a comprehensive menu. It’s a state-of-the-art combination that will complement any location. The user display, with the cup positioning lighting system and intuitive tray position, guides the user through a simple and pleasing experience every time they order a drink.


  • Freshly ground and brewed bean coffee options
  • Option for fresh leaf tea brewing system
  • Simple and easy-to-use touchscreen selection
  • Removable tray for easy and efficient cleaning
  • Stylish LED lighting in the dispensing area
  • USB connection for machine programs and settings
  • Separate hot water spout
  • Media screen with HD media player

de Jong Nio

The Nio features the trusted CoEx® technology and takes the coffee experience to the next level with visible beans, illuminated ingredient canisters, glass detection, adjustable dispense head, advanced touchscreen technology, and the innovative® telemetry solution. The Nio not only offers variety and custom configurations but also can be delivered with a lockable cabinet and a fresh milk system.


  • Illuminated ingredient canisters
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Adjustable dispense head
  • Cup/glass detection
  • Drain connection option
  • Optional fresh milk dispensing

Flavia Creation 600

Choose from over 15 coffee shop quality drinks, with a range of exquisite Lavazza Freshpacks™ Select, personalise and brew directly from your smartphone with the Tap N’ Brew app Froth fresh milk or dairy-free alternatives, directly in your cup with the latest FLAVIA® frothing technology Reliability you can depend on with industry-leading 99% uptime


  • Illuminated ingredient canisters
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Adjustable dispense head
  • Cup/glass detection
  • Drain connection option
  • Optional fresh milk dispensing

laRhea V+ grande

laRhea V+ grande is one of the machines from our latest evolution of our world renowned laRhea variplus product line. An innovative new family of fully customizable machines featuring next-generation touchscreen technologies that make them flexible, intuitive and easy to operate. The laRhea V+ grande is the best-selling model in the range. This coffee machine futures hybrid technology with the Xtra canister for personalized products like fairtrade instant mixes or lactose-free powdered milk.


  • Powered by Varitherm – no PSSR testing required
  • Produces back to back drinks
  • Hot and cold milk drinks each available with 3 barista settings
  • Different temperatures for individual drinks
  • Safely produce drinks for children at a reduced temperature
  • Speciality drinks easily achieved with incredible micro foam
  • Drinks hold their consistency for longer
  • Tested with full fat, semi skimmed and almond milks
  • No contact between steam and the fresh milk
  • Simple one step cleaning process for fresh milk
  • Waste can go either internally, externally or plumbed to mains

Excel Vending can offer a wide range of coffee machines from some of the leading manufacturers including:

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