Working 9 to 5 may no longer be the only “way to make a livin”

It’s a fact of life that we are moving away from a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 working life and many businesses are waking up to the fact that flexible working hours are increasingly required to satisfy modern lifestyles.  Staff retention is a big issue and businesses are looking at every possible initiative that will appeal to the modern workforce and give them a competitive advantage when recruiting good people.  This is a major factor in the rising popularity of Micro Markets.

Micro Markets are a natural extension to traditional vending, although they don’t necessarily need any vending operation to be in place to successfully operate them.  Micro Markets offer choice.  ’Hot’ items and provisions not traditionally found inside vending machine can be offered, and paid for, without the need for shop assistants.

Micro Markets can provide a full range of products that are tailored to your staff’s requirements.  These may include a selection of fresh fruits, fresh meats, dairy or bakery products.  However, it’s not all about eating; non-food products like toiletries, batteries, tissues and tights can all be included on your shelves.  And, if you’ve got a building full of forgetful spouses, we can include birthday/greetings cards, or even chocolates!  The choice of stock is tailored to the demands of the users.

Micro Markets in operation.Payment is taken at an unmanned electronic checkout that also manages your stock levels making it easy to monitor what’s selling and what’s not.  The technology that takes the payments can also display useful messages featuring special offers and new products; more importantly, if can act as an electronic noticeboard, putting out important messages to your staff.

Multiple set-up options enable you to configure a Micro Market in the space you have available and we will be happy to help you plan the best possible layout for your building.

Micro Markets are already proving to contribute to a more productive and contented workforce; staff don’t have to worry about leaving the building to find the items they need and working late is not so stressful because the Micro Market is open all the time your building is in use, but without the need of staff to manage the payment process.

Excel Vending has a proven track record in early adoption of new technology and innovative ideas; we are delighted to be the first vending company in Scotland to introduce Micro Markets, we know they will provide a valuable service to many businesses who are committed to the welfare of their workforce.

If you’d like to see a working Micro Market we have one set-up in our showroom, please give us a call on 0845 60 40 111, or email us at and we will be pleased to demonstrate the various benefits of this new technology.

Micro Markets in operation

Micro Markets layout



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