Workers have an appetite for food and drinks

According to a recent survey published on (This Week in FM), food and hot drinks are the key to getting employees to return to the workplace. 

At Excel Vending, we agree that providing drinks and snacks is becoming more important than ever. Many of our clients are realising the same thing. Providing food and drinks makes the workplace more attractive and offers much-needed assistance as the cost of living crisis takes hold. 

While there is clear evidence that a staff restaurant, either free or subsidised, is an excellent solution, it is not always feasible that employers can provide a full-blown restaurant facility. However, there is a solution that offers a way to satisfy the preferences of your staff without the costs of running a fully-staffed restaurant operation.

Micro-markets allow you to offer an endless range of products 24 hours a day without needing additional staff. Moreover, Micro-Markets can usually be fitted into relatively small spaces; certainly much smaller than you’d need to provide a full restaurant service.

Micro-Markets are the very definition of unattended retail. Payments are made at checkout machines using scanning technology and contactless payment methods. And transactions are captured on discreet CCTV so that payments can be monitored whenever required. 

It’s also possible to mix the stock so that you can offer free, subsidised and retail-priced products in the same Micro Market. Likewise, you can mix branded snacks with healthy options and fresh, locally-sourced produce.

Micro Markets are certainly increasing in popularity. If you want to provide the type of facilities that the survey suggests will encourage people to spend time at work, you should consider this an option. 

At Excel Vending, we can create bespoke Micro Market solutions that meet everyone’s needs, and we’d be delighted to share our expertise and advice with you.

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