‘Coffee To Go’ has really got us going…

Rarely do we get so excited about the arrival of a new vending machine, but Westomatic’s ‘Coffee To Go’ retail unit has got 2016 off to a very promising start.  We truly believe this is a genuine game-changer for coffee vending.

We could talk at length about this machine; its stylish design presents endless branding opportunities, that’s the first thing to grab your attention.  Or, we could talk about the state-of-the art technology that’s hidden behind that sleek exterior; it’s packed full of features usually only available to the best Baristas – the 10-bar espresso brewer and 48mm conical grinder see to that!  Yes, it offers a wholebean solution, but more about that later.

We could focus on the award winning 19″ Sigma touch screen; it not only offers an intuitive buying experience, it provides extensive video and audio advertising opportunities when in standby.

So it goes on, the features are truly functional and flexible, making it a very valuable asset, and a serious vending solution.

However, two things make this machine truly amazing, its high quality range of products, and the exception user experience.  ‘Coffee To Go’ delivers both in abundance and will surely ensure customers return, over and over again.

The ‘Coffee To Go’ unit is available with single, double, and triple fresh brew choices, and yes, a wholebean option too.  However, it’s not just for premier quality coffee; it also offers three superior tea options, and a wide variety of syrup shots and milkshakes.

Westomatic Coffee 2 Go 2Users are guided through the whole purchase process on the touchscreen; everything is easily accessible making it a simple purchasing process in any one of the five language options.  And, you needn’t worry that its popularity will leave it short of product, the in-built WiFi GPRS telemetry allow you to monitor stock levels from the comfort of your own office.

We are truly excited about the potential of this machine; it genuinely offers a competitive alternative to other high street offerings such as Costa and Starbucks.  It is equally suited for all high footfall public sites, and busy offices.

We’ve barely touched on all of the features packed into the ‘Coffee To Go’, the very best way to really appreciate its true potential if to see it for yourself, and to sample the quality of the products, and we’d be happy to arrange that for you.

If you would like to find out more and arrange a demonstration, please call Dawn Buchan or Brian Kelly On 0845 60 40 111, they will be delighted to show you why ‘Coffee To Go’ has got us going!