We choose our suppliers very carefully, read why we love partnering with Birchall

At Excel Vending, we choose our suppliers very carefully; our decisions about who to partner with are based on many factors; quality, service and price are understandably some of the considerations, but increasingly, we are influenced by the business’s attitude towards sustainability, the environment and social responsibility. It’s probably no coincidence that we invariably find the best products come from suppliers with solid core values. 

Birchall certainly ticks all of the boxes for Excel Vending, and we are delighted to provide their excellent range of teas in our vending machines.

Birchall says they are on a mission to share with the World the best-tasting, sustainable tea. 

With regard to taste, they are indeed achieving their goal; they can boast that all of their teas and infusions have been awarded for tasting great. In fact, since 2011, their black teas, green teas, and infusions have scooped 91 prestigious accolades at the Great Taste Awards – the ‘Oscars’ for the speciality and fine food and drink industry, organised by The Guild of Fine Food.  

However, it’s not just great taste that makes Birchall a great business; they have an impressive attitude toward sustainability and the environment. They believe a cup of tea should not only taste good but be good for the planet, too. They have created the UK’s first fully solar-powered tea factory in Wiltshire, making them carbon neutral. They have also invested in ensuring all their Plant-Based Tea Bags are biodegradable and industrially compostable. It’s important for them to be part of the change for a better future; they genuinely practice what they preach and go to extraordinary lengths to supply excellent products while protecting the environment.  

It’s no surprise to find out that the Sustainability Champions Podcast chose to interview Birchall’s Managing Director, Daniel Graham, about their commitment to the environment. It’s a powerful interview that highlights Birchall’s approach and what they are doing to protect the planet; it really is worth a listen.

You can listen to the episode with Danniel on iTunes here, or you can watch the interview below or on YouTube here

We are delighted to work with Birchall; it is a great business providing first-class products, which are the essential ingredients for an excellent partnership.

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