Vendman reward excellence at Excel Vending

It’s been a very busy week here and we were delighted to be awarded the accolade of ‘Centre of Excellence’ from Vendman, in our opinion the leading vending software on the market.

It’s a title awarded to only 12 vending companies in the UK and in our guest blog Director, Daniel Hamby explains their decision:

Excel Vending, a Vendman Partner for more than 15 years, have put technology at the core of their business in order to provide customers throughout the UK with the service they demand.

Excel Vending were recently appointed as a Centre of Excellence Partner in recognition of the way that they have developed best practice. Best practice can sometimes be a phrase that is overused, however, in the case of Excel Vending the desire to achieve this remains constant.

Whether it be real time stock and cash information from pioneering Smartphone technology, monitoring of repeat service calls, or managing of business processes through real time alerts Excel Vending understand that this cannot be managed by instinct alone.

As one of the leading vending operation in the UK Vendman awarded Centre of Excellence status to Jane and John MacDonald and the Excel team as a result of their desire to provide vending services in the most efficient way possible. The most recent project implemented has focused not only on business efficiency but also supported the business desire to support environmental efficiency. Excel Vending constantly review route schedules in order to reduce mileage and overall carbon footprint whilst at the same time delivering the key products to the machines when the customer needs them.

Excel Vending understand that as business continues to become more sophisticated making sure that you have aware of customer product requirements, service consistency, employee working methods and value to the customer are all vital to remaining at the forefront of the vending industry.

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