An Update from The Point Foundation and Caffe Praego Coffee Company

Back in May we posted about Caffe Praego coffee company and The Point Foundation charity and the work they are doing to support, educate and care for disabled children in East Africa.

We have been proud to support The Point Foundation over the last several years and we always enjoy receiving updates from the charity about the work that they do and how the children are getting on. Charles Trace, Chairman of The Point Foundation got in touch to update us on a recent development at The Point Foundation:

“I would like to inform you that, two weeks ago, we started a new programme of supplying milk to the 76 children with disabilities that we sponsor daily with transport, school fees, uniforms, shoes and school books. 

After analysing the wellbeing of these children, we found that almost all of them are from vulnerable families, with limited nutritional diets, so we decided they now have a cup of milk every day with the lunch we provide.

The milk is supplied from a local cattle farmer who supplies us 33 litres of milk every day. This will grow as we endeavour to supply milk to all children.”

The charity is always striving to help as many young people as financially possible and with continued support from individuals and businesses like ourselves we hope they can keep doing so for many years.

Below is an informative video about the work of The Point Foundation and how the funding partnership with Caffe Praego helps improve the lives of vulnerable young people in Rwanda.

To learn more about Point Foundation, the work they do and how you can help, you can visit their website or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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