Update from Andrew at Point Foundation

Our regular readers will know that through Point Foundation we are fortunate enough to be able to support a young man called Andrew in his studies. The foundation works in South Africa and Rwanda focussing on health welfare and education and doing really beneficial work.

We are full of admiration for the work that they do on a voluntary, not-for-profit basis and are happy to be able to sponsor Andrew. This year we are again paying for his school fees.

andrew in excel top

It’s always lovely to hear how Andrew and his studies are progressing so we were delighted to get an update on Andrew’s progress in February from chief executive, Sharon Gallagher following her visit.

In March we heard that Karen at Point Foundation would be visiting Andrew during her trip and we were keen to send a parcel to Andrew.

thank you noteRecently we received a lovely handwritten thank you letter from Andrew, and an update from Karen with photos too.

She met with Andrew at Turning Point House where he was spending some free time during the weekend. He was delighted to receive an Excel Vending sweatshirt and music books from us, and very keen to try out the new songs on his keyboard.

Andrew enthusiastically explained to Karen that he has a new music teacher who composes and has been teaching him composition. As a keyboard player and violinist Andrew is very excited about this. His music teacher also keeps his keyboard and violin safe as unfortunately theft can be a problem.

ipadLater Karen quietly shared our other gift – an iPad. Andrew also studies computers and electronics and we are sure that this will benefit him in his studies greatly. As iPads are coveted it will have to kept safely too but we look forward to hearing more from Andrew.

To learn more about Point Foundation, the work it does, and how you can help, you can visit it’s website and can also find it on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Discover more about Excel Vending and what we’re up to by visiting our website, dropping us an e-mail, or calling us on: 0845 604 0111. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions on FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin too.



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