The hottest looks in vending

First impressions count and looks do matter! From years of stocking and installing vending machines in public and private spaces across the country we know that customised housing can add personality and colour to your catering space.

Recently our eye has been caught by the customisation options available for vending machines. Housing vending machines in your business to suit your space can make a huge impact within a high traffic area in the workplace.

Vending housings contain a group of vending machines within one unit, making for a neat finish which looks professional. The surround on the housing is an ideal canvas for colour and creativity. Using the latest technology Nebrak, print high quality, detailed imagery for vending surrounds so that you can customise them completely.Excel Vending Nebrack blog Lightbox Vending Surround with sketch

The images you use in for your customisation can be anything; a charity you support, company branding, a celebration of your local area, or a theme which complements the décor of your dining area.

Visuals for your vending housing design can be done prior to fitting. This gives you the chance to see how the finished unit will look on site.

Vending housing can last for years which makes it an incredibly cost effective way of adding colour and personality to your space. The housing can be installed on site quickly, and it’s durable too.

Excel Vending Nebrak blog white image

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Images courtesy of Nebrak and used with permission.

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