Office coffee has never been more important

Whether we fully appreciate it or not, coffee is an essential part of our business lives. Think about it, how often do you suggest that you “grab a coffee”? Or, how often have you said, “let’s discuss it over a coffee”? Or maybe “drop in for a coffee” is one of those open invitations you extend to people regularly? We do it because we know people like coffee, and they generally react positively to this much less formal and far more attractive way to set up a meeting.

What’s more, we don’t just do it with clients and customers; we do it with our staff and suppliers. The fact is, we probably don’t appreciate how often coffee features in the invites we share daily.  

The style of these invitations might be less formal, but that doesn’t mean they are not important. Indeed, when face-to-face meetings are less frequent, it makes these coffee moments even more valuable. So, how much attention do you pay to what you serve your guests and your staff?

The reason we use coffee as a hook in our invitations is that we know people like coffee. We also know that the choice available to coffee drinkers has never been better. Coffee shops thrive because we are a nation of coffee connoisseurs; we all have our favourites, and we all expect excellent quality. Why then would you serve something sub-standard when you manage to get that all-important meeting?

Likewise, your personnel are more than likely coffee aficionados. Are you rewarding them with good coffee? Given the events of the past eighteen months, they probably deserve it.

The Vitro XI MIA is the perfect solution. Coffee shop choices and quality from a desktop coffee machine. So, whether it’s Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Americano and many more, you can offer it from the Vitro, fresh milk and all. So, no need to compromise ever again; you can consistently provide high-quality choices to staff and visitors. If they prefer freshly brewed tea, Vitro will take care of that too; moreover, it will serve it from a separate boiler to ensure your tea jennies are also catered for to the same high standard.

The Vitro XI MIA is stylish and as easy to clean as it is to operate. The machine has been designed with the user in mind and comes with an optional 10.1 inch HD Media player for inspirational or promotional videos. You can easily upload content via the USB and HDMI ports, or you can integrate an RSS Airgoo feed so that you can publish messages remotely.

All in all, it’s a remarkable machine that doesn’t just deliver coffee; it provides satisfaction every time. Now more than ever, it’s time to make the most of your face-to-face meetings, so get them off to a great start with a perfect coffee.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Vitro XI MIA or our selection of desktop coffee machines, please call us on 0845 60 40 111. Alternatively, please email us at; we will be happy to you through the options.  

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