What makes us the leading vending solutions provider in the country?

There is a tendency to think that it’s our continuous investment in the latest vending technology, or the relationships we have with the top food and drinks suppliers that make us the leading supplier in Scotland, whilst these are big contributors, they only tell half the story.  The key element to our success is the quality of our people and the level of customer service they achieve for us.

Nowhere is this better demonstrated than with our engineers who provide maintenance and support for over twelve hundred customers spread across Scotland.   And, it’s not just the quality of our engineers that makes a difference, it’s also the quantity, we currently have more full-time engineers than any other independent vending supplier in Scotland – and that’s about to increase from six to eight.

Having highly skilled engineers located throughout Scotland enables us to offer a two-hour response time, but invariably it is less than two hours when one of our team attend your call.  The reason we are able to provide such a swift response is because we employ an adequate number of full-time engineers and locate them where they are needed.

As a growing business we are winning new business all they time, which means greater support is required to maintain the level of service for which we are renowned.   With three major wins in recent weeks; two in the education sector, and one in the distribution industry, we need to expand our team of engineers by another two.  It is imperative to us that our growth doesn’t have any negative impact on the existing clients, that’s why we will continue to invest in the infrastructure that maintains and services your equipment.

If you know anyone with an engineering background who would like to join Scotland’s leading vending solutions provider, please let them know that we are looking for good people to join our team and help us maintain our No.1 position in the market.

If you would like to apply for one of our two engineering positions, in the first instance you should email Carol Williams at carol@excel-vending.co.uk, or call her on 0845 60 40 111.


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