It’s the little touches that matter…

In this new “normal”  we are living in, physical contact everywhere is now something we are more conscious of in our lives – not only person to person but also touching the massive range of appliances and surfaces we all use daily. Of course, the obvious solution ( as we are reminded continuously)  is to wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitiser but whether we like it or not, people are more conscious of the bacteria that exist on every surface and they are particularly worried about the spread of infection on the commonly touched surface.

Leading vending machine manufacturer, Crane Merchandising Systems appreciates that contact with their keypads may only be fingertip but in response to this, they have developed IP SafeTouch, used as a laminate on flat surfaces, such as the keypads of the vending machines and it delivers over 99.99% proven protection against the growth of a range of common bacteria, fungi and parasites.

The 80-micron film contains the highly effective antimicrobial agent zinc pyrithione, which works by denying the microbes the conditions they need to thrive, eventually killing them.

It is ideal for environments requiring high levels of hygiene, for example, retail spaces, public transport, healthcare and education settings, hospitality and leisure businesses, and event locations.

The antimicrobial laminate is supplied with IP SafeTouch stickers for application beside the touchpad to let consumers know that you’ve added this additional layer of protection for their safety, and we are finding it’s just one of these little touches that some consumers appreciate.

For further information, please email us at We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Also, please feel free to download the specification sheet below.

IP SafeTouch offers the maximum level of antimicrobial protection in the market, guaranteed for three years, thanks to the active ingredient zinc pyrithione.  Extensively tested, IP SafeTouch meets and exceeds the specifications of ISO 22196, proving 99.99% effective against a broader range of microbes than those covered by the accreditation.  Testing included repeated immersion in three different commonly used sanitising solutions, 0.0% ethanol, 0.1% IPA and 5.0% benzalkonium chloride.


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