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The Government has now outlined the various phases that will be introduced as the country returns to some normality.  Now it is time to look at what this means for your particular business and what changes you need to implement to make the workplace safe for your employees.

One of the critical areas in the workplace where employees congregate is around break times usually in the kitchen, canteen or staff room- they gather to take a break, relax and recharge their batteries.  The need for break times won’t change but how these are provided will need to be reviewed if you are to initiate adequate social distancing and the levels of hygiene to keep your Team safe.

As our short animation below suggests, the simple task of making a cup of tea involves several touchpoints that are potentially hazardous.  So the days of the kettle at the office may well be numbered and perhaps the smaller businesses should consider moving to a more automated way to provide drinks for staff?

The exciting new technology available now in Vending equipment offers solutions that can massively reduce touchpoints when providing hot /cold drinks and snacks at any location . Regardless of the number of employees at your site –  there will be a solution that minimises the risk of spreading infection.  For smaller businesses, this could be a table-top drinks machine that can dispense beverages without the need to touch the machine and the larger companies can opt for Free standing coffee and vending machines that incorporates the new touchless technology or simply use the stylus pen as demonstrated in our video. Indeed, by using a stylus pen and/ or touchless payment options, it is entirely possible to select and dispense food and drink with no touchpoints until you pick out the product from the machine.  Much of this technology can also be fitted retrospectively, so your existing machines might well be adaptable.

Vending and table-top drinks machines are really easily maintained so they can be kept clean and free of germs, much more so than the many utensils your staff may encounter in a traditional office kitchen.

We are already busy working with our customers to assist them with the repositioning and spacing of machines so that they can adhere to the new social distancing recommendations. We are also finding that many of our clients are introducing more drinks and snacks machines throughout their premises so that people are not congregating in the same area when they take a break and of course our expert team of engineers are available to advise on new locations etc.

If you’d like to speak to us about the new technology or the measures you need to implement, please contact us on, and we will be happy to chat through the various options.


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