Fresh food will be the order of the day…

We may not know the precise date that offices, factories and shops will reopen; however, we know changes to the regular working practices are inevitable, and Excel Vending is already seeing big increases in the number of companies requiring Fresh Food vending options.  The pandemic has forced employers to look at how they provide food and beverages for staff and equally important, we have reviewed what we can provide for our customers.

The demand for fresh food in work environments has been growing steadily. Some companies who had a full catering facility now don’t have the staff numbers to support it and they are looking to Vending or Micro Markets to cater for the remaining staff not working from home. Excel has been a long-time champion of healthier eating choices, and we’ve offered a range of healthy snack options for some time. However, we have been increasing our offering to a much wider range of fresh food. What’s more, we’re improving the purchasing options to make it easier for people to purchase fresh food. 

For example, we have recently entered into a partnership with Kepak and 365 Retail Markets to bring you the latest unattended retail solution. Their PICO Cooler is a hugely versatile piece of equipment that can be locked or unlocked, and the customer makes their purchase using the PICO device and payment via credit/debit card or the 365 App. The PICO is the perfect way to introduce food to a site or as a start to the ‘micro market’ journey. 

Developed in partnership with Rustlers, the PICO Cooler will offer their four core products and the option of an extended range to match your requirements. The customer will choose what they want and then use the pre-programmed microwave to prepare their selection.  Stylish, secure and robust, the PICO cooler with microwave alongside will ensure no one goes hungry no matter what time of day, 365 days a year. 

Beyond this, we also offer a first-class selection of sandwiches, paninis, porridges, salad boxes, hot meals and other popular choices with adherence to Healthy Eating Standards.

The communities in which we operate are also vital to us, so we will always try to support suppliers in these areas by sourcing local produce for our fresh food selections whenever possible.

Of course, selecting the right products is only half the battle; our fresh food is transported properly in vans with refrigeration equipment to ensure the products reach you in prime condition.

Likewise, we will continue with our tradition of using the best possible fresh food vending machines or Fridges to deliver your food selection in perfect condition and we will always ensure each device has a range of payment options that make the buying experience simple, quick and safe.

Our stock monitoring systems will also ensure we deliver the right mix of products and the correct quantity to ensure your personnel can get the fresh food they want when they want it.

If you’d like to improve your fresh food offering or if you are thinking of introducing it to your workplace then please give us a call on 0845 60 40 111, or email us at

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