Excel Vending go where no other vending company has even imagined

Excel Vending are about to go where no other vending company has even  imagined. The East Kilbride based company will soon be rolling out custom made wine vending machines.

The vending machines will resemble hot beverage machines, but serve only wine.

The potential varieties, however, are almost endless.

Once the customer is done making choices – including serving sizes from small, medium & large — red, white, rose and sparkling, the mixing and dispensing is expected to take less than 20 seconds, with the final product pouring into a wine cup.

“This is dispensing technology unprecedented in the market for wine,” Excel’s Managing Director Jane MacDonald said in a statement.

But wait, there’s more. During that 20-second wait for the wine, a voice will relay nutritional values and the machine will allow users to upload their wine selections directly from the touch screen which will remember the customer’s order for their next visit!!

The vending machines were developed by Excel themselves and they will debut in April at several locations in Scotland .

If you are interested in these new machines please feel free to contact Excel Vending on 01355 269999 and you can be among the first to try them out .


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