So Pure Profesional Tasca

Crafted with the style of Italy, using the classic bygone design’s of espresso machines, the So Pure Barista Tasca captures a size that’s true to Italy, perfect for small office studios, compact kitchens or even on a exhibition stands, the Barista Tasca delivers the aroma. Our unique coffee pod/capsule Thermoblock offers an unlimited steam supply and constant pressure, creating that perfect Italian style barista coffee, with the fullest of flavours and aromas.

Capturing the true aroma of the Professional Barista Collection, the Barista Tasca embraces the latest coffee making technology, with the new ‘super-froth’ filter for an extra-frothy espresso and special cappuccino steam wand, while encased within a stainless steel body, the Barista Tasca also sits perfectly in any busy home life, allowing you never to be without that Italian cafe style roasted coffee with a rich crema layer in every cup.

Discover the rich velvet coffee with So Pure’s coffee capsule and coffee pods when there’s no time for grinding beans, the So Pure Barista Tasca creates that high street Barista cup in an instant.

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    Technical Specification

    360 x 270 x 315


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