Come on down Diablo Sugar Free

As the name suggests Diablo have developed some truly tasty treats, with a careful eye on sugar content. We’re delighted to have added Diablo Strawberry & Cream Sweets and Diablo Cranberry & Raspberry Muesli Bars to our machines.

In recent years we’ve worked with many companies, including the NHS, keen to offer a range of snacks catering to the health conscious.


Diablo’s range are designed to be diabetic sensitive – most products have no added sugar, some are sugar free! These are a great option for businesses with a healthy living policy and stocking these products allows our customers to offer new, health conscious snacks.

As well as being moreish (trust us we know!) Diablo’s Strawberry & Cream Sweets are just 13 calories per sweet and they are sugar free so ideal for everyone.

The second product we are stocking is designed for those on the go. It’s the Cranberry and Raspberry Muesli Bar our favourite of Diablo’s breakfast style bars – full of fruit and muesli goodness.

London based Diablo’s whole range are designed to cater for diabetics who should follow a low sugar diet but these are really enjoyable. They are not simply a healthy alternative but snacks that we would reach for – but don’t take our word for it.

We’re enthusiastic about Diablo but it’s YOUR opinion that matters – if you’ve tried either treat let us know what you think.

8220 Muesli Bars - Rasp

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You can now follow Diablo on Facebook and Twitter as well as finding out more on their website here.

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