Aqua Libra ticks all the boxes – the best option for consumers, the environment, and your pocket!

We are delighted to announce another exciting partnership, this time with Aqua Libra Co.

Britvic PLC owned Aqua Libra Co has partnered with Excel to offer a range of high-quality Hot, Cold and Sparkling Filtered Water Taps, as well as the award-winning Flavour Tap.  Not only do these taps serve pure and refreshing plain, sparkling, flavoured and electrolyte waters, they also tick many sustainability, wellbeing and cost-saving boxes for Excel’s customer base.

Approximately 7.7 billion single-use plastic bottles of water are purchased every year in the UK, with a combined carbon footprint of 620,000,000 kg of CO2 emissions. Nearly 80% of single-use plastic accumulates in either landfill or the natural environment.  Aqua Libra Co provides a better alternative to single-use packaging.  Aqua Libra taps are exclusively available for commercial settings, and are ultra-capacity to cope with the highest volumes.  The taps can dispense up to 120 litres (or 240x 500ml bottles worth) of finely filtered water per hour!   

In an average workplace, Flavour Tap eliminates the need for hundreds of single use plastic bottles every week!  Flavour Tap is a fully automated, easy to use, connected digital platform which quantifies exactly the positive impact you are having on the planet versus using single-use packaged drinks.  It also promotes healthier living because it encourages regular hydration by consuming refreshing plain, sparkling and flavoured waters, all of which are sugar and preservative free!   It even offers electrolyte waters which can support immunity in the workplace!

Flavour Tap is available as a free-standing or integrated countertop option, and is really affordable and represents a big cost saving for workplaces vs. single-use packaged drinks, whilst also avoiding the operational cost and hassle of ordering, moving, chilling and recycling packaging.    

The Flavour Tap is the ideal solution for hospitality businesses as well as workplaces who care about their employees, so is ideal for hotels, conference and events centres in particular.  Recently installed units are saving hundreds of single-use packaging units per week, improving guest experience and saving our clients lots of unnecessary cost.  It’s no wonder some of the biggest names in workplace and hospitality are adopting the Aqua Libra brand so quickly – it really is a game-changer in tasty, healthy hydration.        

Those who follow the Excel Vending blog will already know we are committed to protecting our planet.. We have championed solutions such as reverse vending and supported initiatives like the Glasgow Cup Movement.  We genuinely believe Aqua Libra Co offers sustainable hydration solutions that help minimise impact on the environment, so we are proud and privileged to work with them throughout Scotland.

Aqua Libra Co and Excel Vending are passionate about inspiring and enabling a re-use and re-fill culture, whilst at the same time saving our clients time and money, and elevating user experience. and helping to reduce single-use plastic.  We both share the same values of supporting others to achieve their sustainability goals and provide perfect hydration solutions in workplace, healthcare, education, retail and hospitality .. everywhere, everyday.  Working with Aqua Libra further broadens Excel’s offering to support net zero initiatives, in pursuit of a low-carbon and resilient circular economy.

If you’d like to learn more about Aqua Libra’s fantastic range of products and sustainable solutions, please get in touch with our Aqua Libra Account Lead, Eilidh MacDonald, at or call 0845 60 40 111.

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