Another Cup Tie for Excel…

There’s a great deal of talk around single use paper cups at the moment and rightly so, the issue over the disposal of millions of cups each day is one that needs to be taken seriously.  There is also a general misunderstanding that because cups are paper they can be recycled; some can, but due to the nature of the lining, most have to go to landfill.  In fact, even the ones that can be recycled need to go to specialist recycling plants of which there are few in the UK.

Excel Vending take this issue very seriously and whenever possible, we promote the fact that all of our vending machines will automatically recognise a conventional cup in the dispenser and therefore not dispense a paper cup.  We actively encourage all vending machine users to consider using their own cup when they order drinks from our machines.  Other recent initiatives include our participation in the Glasgow Cup Movement and our exclusive deal with Frugal Cup.

Taking it a stage further, Excel Vending have secured a deal to provide an exceptional reusable cup.  These stylishly designed cups are not only good for the environment, they are also practical and ideal if you’re on the move.  We’ve done our research and these are the best we could find.  Rather than a snap on lid, these lids are screw on, making it a lot less likely to have one of those little accidents when you think you’ve fixed the top on correctly.  They are made in the UK and are microwave safe.

Here’s the best bit, these dishwasher friendly cups can be printed with whatever design you wish.  The process is four colour, so you can get an accurate reproduction of your branding and company message, you could even print a picture if you wished.  The cups are also available in two sizes; 9oz and 12oz.

If you would like to find out more about our reusable cups, please call on 0845 60 40 111, or email us at and we can chat through the options.

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