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Anniversary Post 4: 1993 – A year of births and Palace visits…

So far this week we have taken a 1993 perspective of Entertainment, Sport and Technology to celebrate the week we started trading 22 years ago.  Today we are taking a brief look at some businesses that began around the same time as Excel Vending.

Buckingham PalaceThe first may not really be consider by many to be a business, however in 1993 Buckingham Palace became a business by opening its doors to tourists.  Now, it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.  Sadly, Excel Vending does not have any machines in the Palace – yet!

LexusThere aren’t many new car manufacturers emerging these days, but back in 1993, Lexus were celebrating their 4th birthday, they have certainly travelled a long way since these days.

In a previous post this week, we did mention that Dyson launched in 1993; my, how they have cleaned up since they opened the doors! The business we really wanted to feature today is one with which we have had a long working relationship – Vendman launched in 1993.

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 22.37.52Excel Vending has always been at the leading edge of vending, and as early adopters, we began using the Vendman software and systems many years ago.  In fact, we were the first vending company in Scotland to adopt their impressive suite of tools.

From stock control and pricing information, to data management, account analysis, and route planning, Vendman’s intelligent and progressive vending control systems epitomise our determination to understand individual customer’s unique requirements thoroughly.  That way, we really can help them to run their businesses better.

We congratulate Vendman on their anniversary; there really isn’t a better company with which Excel could share a birthday.

Tomorrow, we will round up our trip down memory lane and perhaps start looking to the future.  Please look out for tomorrow’s post; we still have one or two facts that may interest you.

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