After 28 years, we are still embracing change…

We are 28 today.  It is a week that marks one year since the lockdown anniversary for most businesses in the UK, but we remember this week for a different reason.  28 years ago, we opened the doors at Excel Vending for the first time. 

While the events of the past twelve months have been challenging for everyone, we thought we’d share some good news and optimism for the future.  Like so many others, we have endured a remarkable year, a year that has probably changed business forever.  

We have certainly had to adapt to new ways of working and new demands from our customers.  But, that’s not new to us; since the very first day back in March 1993, we have been developing our business and changing to meet the needs and expectations of the customers we serve.

Businesses need to be flexible and open to change; they need to adapt to trends, adopt new technology, accept new approaches and align with changing attitudes.  We know because we’ve been doing it for almost three decades, but it’s our ability and willingness to move with the times that has brought us this far.

To provide some context, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook, eBay and Instagram didn’t exist when Excel Vending started trading.  George Ezra, Harry Kane and Paul Pogba were born the same year we started providing vending solutions!  

More importantly, we’ve endured two recessions and traded under six British Prime Ministers.  We’ve witnessed the creation of a Scottish Parliament and six different First Ministers.  And most recently, we are dealing with the effects of Brexit.  So, change is not new to us, and we don’t fear it.  We grow stronger by embracing it and using it as a force for good.

In the vending sector, we’ve also experienced a massive change.  Technology has moved at an incredible pace but we pride ourselves on always being at the forefront.  Our excellent working relationships with the manufacturers invariably enables Excel Vending to be one of the first-to-market, with machines plus food and cold drinks products.  

The environment has rightly become a significant consideration over recent years.  Consumers accept their responsibility to protect the planet, and buying sustainably influences their buying decisions.  We care about our business being sustainable and are therefore proud that we championed a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) in Scotland, and we were the earliest investors in Reverse Vending.  We are continuing to play a significant part in delivering the infrastructure to ensure a sustainable DRS’s successful introduction in Scotland.

So, embracing change has been at the centre of our growth over the past 28 years; however, appreciating what not to change is the most crucial element of embracing change.  Customer service is at the core of every decision we make.  Will it deliver a positive benefit to the customer?  If so, we welcome it, and we work hard to implement it.  Of course, excellent customer service can only be genuinely delivered by exceptional people. That’s why we invest in them and appreciate what they do to make Excel Vending a great business.

It has been a challenging year for all business; however, at Excel we are confident that our values, genuine commitment to our customers and willingness to embrace change will serve us well for many years to come.

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