What does 24-7 mean to Excel?

Food vending machineThe obvious assumption is that we are referring to the fact that our vending solutions provide 24-7 access to the best snacks and drinks on the market, however there is much more to Excel than great machines serving first class products.

On Friday (24th March) Excel Vending will be 24 years in business, it’s a milestone we are very proud to celebrate.  It’s an achievement that should be celebrated because we believe longevity speaks volumes about the company and the people who make up the business.  Here are seven reasons why we believe Excel has excelled over the last 24 years.

Early adoption of new technology

We have seen enormous change in the vending industry; technology has transformed the way we deliver our solutions and our policy of early adoption has enabled us to be first to bring the benefits of these technological advances to you.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn logosEnabling informed choices

Of course, technology has changed all of our lives since we opened our doors for business; the past 24 years have arguably been the most disruptive period in history.  The internet has changed the way we communicate and Excel were quick to embrace the opportunity to interact more effectively with our customers – and indeed, their customers.  We use social media to talk to the end users which provides valuable feedback for our site owners; the products we provide in our vending machines are highly influenced by the information we get directly from the consumers.

Commitment to customer service

Vendman LogoWe have also embraced technology to provide an unrivalled level of customer service.  Real time tracking allows us to keep you better informed about the performance of your vending machines and it enables us to keep them well stocked with the right products.  Regular blog and newsletter content keep our customers fully aware of what’s happening in vending and regular surveys allow you to let us know how we are performing.  In addition, our new online store makes it easier for customers to re-order consumables. We will continue to utilise technology to provide transparency and open communication.


At Excel Vending, we know our strengths and we make decisions that play to what we know we can do well.  We also know our customers and we know what they need, this will always be high on our list of priorities.  Continuing to play to our strengths enables organic growth that ensures we have the proper resources to continue to deliver the excellent service that you, our customers, tell us we achieve.

We have also remained independent, this means we can make our own decisions, and we can make them quickly.  We know that our customers’ requirements will change and we know that trends come and go; our independence not only allows us to make our own decisions, it allows us to be totally flexible, so we can tailor solutions to meet changing needs and emerging trends.


Vending AwardsConfidence in what we do is all very well, but recognition from our customers and from our peers motivates us to be even better.  We are the current holders of the coveted Vendies UK title, ‘Best Vending Operator (£2m-£5m)’, we have been a winner at the Glasgow Business Awards for ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ and we have been finalist in many other awards such as, Business Women in Scotland and the Lanarkshire Business Excellence Awards.  Exceeding your expectations is always our main goal, but it is very rewarding when our hard work is recognised by others.


People pictureThere is an old adage, ‘you are only as good as your people’, we are 100% committed to this notion; we invest in our people and we believe they are a major factor in the continued success of the business.  We provide them with the training and tools that allow them to excel, and in response, they deliver every day.  Our staff have won industry awards and they are regularly praised by the customers they serve.

We have created an environment that allows them to develop their personal skills and grow with the business.  Adequate staffing provides them with the time they need to do their jobs and develop new skills.  For example, we have more service engineers and a better engineer/vending machine ratio than any of our competitors, this enables us to provide unrivalled response times, but it also allows us to provide adequate time for vital new product/technology training.    


Last, but by no means least, you, our valued customers, have made the last 24 years possible.  We fully believe that our approach to business, integrity and professionalism has rubbed off in the terms of the type of customers we work with.  We are proud of our client list, we work with some of the most successful companies and best performing public sector organisations in Scotland.  Without your business and support, Excel Vending would not be entering their 25th anniversary year, for this we thank each and every one of you.

Yes, our vending machines may offer 24-7 access to the best snacks and drinks, but for us 24-7 is about a 24-year pedigree and 7 core ingredients that have helped us to bring the best possible vending solutions to the best possible customers, that’s why we are looking forward to entering our 25th year and many more beyond.   

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