We’re Hiring – Robots need not apply…

We are currently recruiting for 3 positions at Excel Vending, we’re looking for an additional Engineer , Vending Merchandiser and a Service Coordinator.  Perhaps at first glance not the sexiest of positions, however these jobs are critical to the ongoing growth and success that has made us a leading vending solutions provider.

Customer Service is at the core of our business and these positions rely on the person’s ability to interact and engage with our customers, that’s why we’re looking for people capable of representing our brand.  Experience is not essential but we are looking for Graduates people educated to graduate level.  However, the most important attribute will be their attitude and commitment to Excel Vending.

In return, we will invest in them just as we do with all of our team.  Many of our staff have worked their way up to become part of our management team and we actively encourage personal development and seek to promote from within.

Many of today’s graduates leave university with a good qualification, but they either can’t get a position that utilises their degree, or they don’t particularly want to follow the career path they chose prior to entering further education.  It is disappointing when they can’t find work relevant to their degree, but it is a fact of life today that there are people with degrees that are not easily suited to workplace demands.  It’s also perfectly understandable that a few graduates change their minds about a career path decision they made at the age of 17.

In an age of automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence more and more jobs will be replaced by robots. For example, it is widely accepted that robots could perform better than doctors in certain areas like diagnosis; that being the case, what types of jobs will be safe in the future?  We believe customer service and customer engagement fall into the safer category, people buy people and the personal touch is an impossible thing to automate.  So, choosing a path that develops customer relationship skills is a smart move, one that we hope will attract two good additions to a growing team.

If you think you fit the bill (or you know somebody that might) please call us for more information or email your CV to info@excel-vending.co.uk for the attention of Carol Williams.

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