The new NEO Q – Pleasing on the palate, the eye and the environment

Excel Vending’s business operations often take us into clients’ premises, sometimes daily. We have recently witnessed the change in offices, factories and public buildings. With a greater focus than ever on staff well-being, and against a backdrop of encouraging people back to the workplace, facilities managers and business owners are looking more closely at their workspaces; staff are looking for a different environment with breakout areas to spend time with colleagues in more relaxed and informal surroundings.

The changes are not only aesthetic; the facilities being provided within the workplace are also changing. Staff want choices regarding their consumption, particularly in their coffee and water. The coffee revolution in the UK has educated the public, who now want quality and choices when it comes to coffee, indeed in all hot drinks. The same can be said for water; millions of bottles are consumed daily.

For all the reasons above, we are excited to bring you the NEO Q, a hot drink and water dispenser that exudes quality. The NEO Q ticks all the boxes, from its sleek design to its choice of drinks. It offers pure and fresh filtered water and the most exquisite espresso coffee and hot beverages in a single machine. An innovative concept that encourages sustainability in workplaces, leisure centres, gyms and other establishments, promoting the use of own cup or bottle. 

The NEO Q is a double bean, allowing you to offer different types of coffee, thereby providing something appealing to many more users. Water in the same machine means it receives more visits, attracting more customers and possibly higher consumption of other drinks. 

NEO Q has been carefully designed, down to the last detail, to provide a machine that is aesthetically appealing and customisable. You can choose the colour and design of the machine to complement your interior, and the interactive display has been engineered to make it easier to operate to improve the user experience.

All-in-all, we believe the NEO Q is the ideal machine for those looking to satisfy discerning staff, who want not only quality drinks but also sustainability and something that’s pleasing on the palate and the eye.

If you want to learn more about the NEO Q, please call us on 0845 60 40 111. Alternatively, please email us at

You can find out more about the NEO Q and download the brochure here.

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