The love of dogs is motivating Derek to go the extra mile

If you follow Excel Vending’s posts, you will know that we like to give back to the local communities where we operate. Still, we like it even more when our staff commit to worthwhile causes and actively participate in raising funds to support them.

Currently, Derek Adamson, one of our valued Merchandisers, is training hard to participate in the London Marathon to raise funds for German Shepherd Rescue Scotland.  

Derek’s target is to raise £1000 for the charity, and he’s well on his way to achieving his target, but with your help, we’re sure we can smash it and enable German Shepherd Rescue Scotland to help many more deserving dogs.

German Shepherd Rescue Scotland was established in 2008 to re-home German Shepherd dogs throughout Scotland. They are a registered charity and rely solely on donations to cover the costs of rescuing dogs; these include kennelling, transportation and expensive veterinary fees. 

At the rescue, they will help every dog they can, but we are not dog trainers or trained behaviourists; they are just people who love the breed. 

Most rescue dogs come to them through no fault of their own; their owners may find themselves in a position where they can no longer give the care and attention that the breed requires. It may be through family breakdown or illness. In some cases, dogs may be abandoned by an unscrupulous breeder who can no longer make money from them, or they could be cruelty cases. Sometimes a dog may need re-homing because the owner has been forced to move, and their new home is unsuitable for a large dog. The charity aims to ensure all rescue dogs are re-homed, safe, secure and well-loved. 

If you’d like to help Derek and the many rescue dogs needing our support, you can donate here on his official donation page HERE. Your support will be much appreciated by the team at Excel, Derek and, of course, the dogs!

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