Our latest installation was no plain sailing!

We don’t usually post about installations, but now and again, something sails across our bows that is unusual, challenging and interesting; that was certainly the case with our most recent installation onboard the NLV Pharos.

NLV Pharos is a lighthouse tender operated by the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB), the body responsible for the operation of lighthouses and marine navigation aids around the coasts of Scotland and the Isle of Man.

The ship is based in Oban and works mainly in Scottish and Manx waters, servicing over 200 automatic lighthouses, buoys and beacons. She can also carry out hydrographic surveying, wreck finding, and other commercial work under contract.

We were asked to install an Evoca Swing combination vending machine on NLV Pharos for use by the many staff and contractors who travel on board. The machine offers a range of cold drinks and snacks including a large selection of healthy products.

As you can see from the photographs, this installation was not plain sailing. Still, with the expert guidance of our Director, John MacDonald, we safely delivered and commissioned the machine on board, where it is providing much-needed sustenance to the crew and contractors as they keep the lighthouses operating around our coast.

Vending machines are often located in places with no retail operation, but the provision of snacks and drinks is required 24-hours a day. In this instance, the Evoca Swing met the needs, and Excel Vending is pleased to have risen to the delivery challenges. Excel’s Director, John MacDonald, commented on the installation, saying: “It certainly was different from the typical installation, but it was interesting and fun to be involved in putting the machine onto the Pharos. It shows that with the proper planning and great teamwork, we can pretty much install vending solutions in any environment.”

All in all, it was a valuable experience that we’ll put to good use when we install another machine on a ferry in Oban next week!

If you have an unattended retail requirement, we’d be happy to offer you a solution.  Please call us on 0845 60 40 111. Alternatively, please email us at info@excel-vending.co.uk; we will be happy to you through the options.  

NLV Image courtesy of: Coastal Edinburgh : NLV Pharos at Leith cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Richard West – geograph.org.uk/p/3154839

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