NW-Festival vending machineIf you’re looking to increase productivity in your workplace then one way to achieve this is through an office vending machine. It’s commonly known that staff aren’t as productive in the workplace when they’re hungry or thirsty, but there’s not always time to take a lunch hour or get out the office during a busy work day. So, why not bring food and drinks to your staff?

Vending Machines for your Office

An office vending machine ensures that your employees have easy access to hot or cold drinks, snacks and confectionery. In turn, employees spend less time away from the office, their glucose levels remain steady so their concentration is improved and employees can focus on the job.

We can help you select the right vending machine for your organisation and help keep your machine stocked and operational.

Contact Excel About a Vending Machine

We’re here to assist your organisation with your vending needs. Our range of machines mean you can have anything from a desktop hot drinks machine through to a free standing cold drinks, hot drinks or snack vending machine. We even have vending machines which can stock confectionery, cans, bottles and snacks in one machine.

If you would like to discuss how Excel Vending can help you, or for a free quote please call our customer care team on 0845 60 40 111.