Micro Markets

What is A Micro Market?

  • A self-service mini supermarket/canteen which is open 24/7
  • Uses self-checkout technology, enabling customers to be served quickly via various payment methods.
  • You can customise your Micro Market to stock anything you want; provide a wide selection of fresh, healthy (or not!), hot and cold food and beverages.

Why use a Micro Market in your organisation?

  • Attractive and easy-to-purchase onsite food and drink options make your Micro Market the place to be at lunch or break!
  • 24/7 easy access to quality food and drink
  • Cater for different dietary requirements, seasonal foods etc
  • Let your staff have a say in what food and drink options you provide for them
  • Promotes employee wellbeing = increased employee engagement = increased productivity
  • Lower overheads

The Kiosk

  • Colour options: white, black, red or blue
  • 19” Touchscreen
  • In-Kiosk Camera
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Sleek & modern look
  • Very easy to use
  • Display advertisements and/or communications to your employees.  These can be set to play at set times during the day/week/month.

The Cooler Café 

  • Select product on the mounted kiosk
  • Pay
  • Door opens after purchase
  • Take your product
  • Door closes and locks ready for the next customer

Methods of Payment

  • Credit Card- No need to log into your account; just scan the product and pay immediately with a credit/debit card (contactless or PIN).
  • Apple pay/ Android pay- Quick, effortless
  • Market Account- Top up your market account to allow for quicker purchases. Set up deposit bonuses if users deposit a certain amount onto their market account and get a specific amount.
  • Invoice/Salary Sacrifice- Allow users to make purchases and invoice for those purchases later. Allow your employees to make purchases and arrange for the payment to come out of their next month’s salary as a salary sacrifice incentive.
  • Corporate Accounts- Allow different departments to have accounts and make purchases. 
  • Biometric Fingerprint- Log into your account using the biometric fingerprint. This allows you not to have to carry a card or remember your password.
  • RFID- Log into your market account using your RFID card/work pass.
  • Keychain Scan Tag- Log into your account using your scan tag attached to your key chain.

Benefits & Rewards

  • Coupons- Set up meal deals, individual product discounts, specials, and subsidies for certain products. These coupons can be set for specific times in the day/week/month. E.g. Subsidised products pre-8AM and post 5PM. Benefit for employees working extra time.
  • Loyalty & Rewards- Work with your customers for rebates on products that are given away for free or discounted, e.g. Buy 5 get the 6th for 50p/Buy 9 Coffees get 10th free. Set point values for products. As customers purchase products, they receive points and can use those points for free products later on.
  • Meal Cards (Guest Passes)- Readily available passes for guests to come in the building and use within the market. These passes work just like gift cards.
  • Vouchers- Employee perk- Give out at the end of the month to the top 5 employees. They scan these vouchers at the kiosk to top up their account with the allocated amount.


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