What makes the Merchant Ambient the hottest machine in the country?

The newest edition to our portfolio of state-or-the-art vending machines is the Merchant Ambient – perhaps one of the most technologically advanced machines available on the market, yet it is the most energy efficient.

The Merchant Ambient is a genuine game changer – it’s brand new to the UK, and we’ve got the only one in Scotland.


The Merchant Ambient is energy efficient because, unlike the vast majority of other snack machines, it’s not refrigerated.  Shops throughout the UK sell snacks in ambient temperatures, so why not sell from ambient temperature vending machines?  The lack of refrigeration makes it much more energy efficient and cheaper to run.

Merchant AmbientHowever, the benefits that’s just the start; the absence of refrigeration and no requirement for insulation means far deeper spirals and greater product capacity.  This means more stock and less refilling.  So, less refilling and no need to clean and service fridge units reduces the cost of maintaining your machines.

Already, the benefits of the Merchant Ambient are becoming fairly obvious, but we’ve only just started, this machine has many more features that make it a very difficult option to ignore.  Accessibility to the he vend bin exceeds EU or UK guidelines and meets the tried and tested Crane’s American Disability Act, and six language options offer unrivalled communication, so every customer is guaranteed an excellent user experience.

The intuitive touch screen also raises the bar; built in ‘meal deal’ promotions and a shopping cart facility to enable multiple purchases will certainly encourage a bigger transaction spend.  When it comes to payment your customers will have the choice of coins, notes or cashless – everything about this machine is designed for the best possible purchase experience meaning your customers will be happy to return again and again.

Excel is delighted to have the only Merchant Ambient in Scotland and we will be delighted to demonstrate all of the features to you.  We can take you through the product library function with capacity to convey nutritional information and images for 200 products.  Or, the customisation options that allow you to easily apply bespoke graphics.  There really is no shortage of features we can show you, and whilst it may be called Ambient, we’ll show you why we think it’s the hottest vending machine on the market!

CsreensIf you would like to find out more about the Merchant Ambient, or you’d like to arrange a demonstration, please call us on 0845 60 40 111, or email us at info@excel-vending.co.uk , we promise you a warm reception.

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