Life Water pushes all the buttons…

Products don’t just ‘arrive’ in Excel Vending machines; every new product is tested by our inhouse team and sampled by consumers before it is introduced into our range.  Naturally, when we do push the button on a new product, we are all very excited to see it progress through our selection process and into our machines.  However, rarely have we been so excited to introduce our latest addition – Life Water.

This water truly represents everything we feel about the environment and our responsibility to reduce waste and it also reflects our commitment to corporate social responsibility and the need for businesses to give something back.

Let’s start with the packaging.  No plastic whatsoever, in fact it is the UK’s first zero plastic spring water solution for on-the-go hydration.  Life Water has elected for aluminium cans; better still, the cans they use are made from 70% recycled aluminium, so they are breathing new life into previously used cans. It is a little known fact that 75% of all the aluminium ever produced is still in use today, so we applaud the use of this packaging solution. It only takes 60 days for a Life Water Can to come back as another Can so “LIFE” goes on!

So what about the Water?  As you’d expect from a company that puts so much thought into the packaging, Life Water has also taken care to get the contents right.  Founded in 2006, Life Water, along with its partner charity, “drop4drop” are helping to alleviate the World Water Crisis – to date they have ensured almost 900,000 people have a sustainable source for clean water.  In the Life Water Can you purchase from an Excel Vending machine you’ll find natural spring water from the UK.  Furthermore, in order to minimise the carbon footprint, Life Water Cans never leave the UK so although the product is made here and stays here – the funds from your purchase will find their way to water projects all over the globe.

We are delighted that Life Water has chosen Excel Vending as their partner . The  company, the products and the packaging are 100% aligned to our core values and we know that supporting Life Water will ,make a tangible difference to people who don’t know the luxury of being able to buy water at the push of a button.

For further information please email us at or Call 08456040111.

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