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Westomatic Eco Encore

The Eco Encore uses 100% recycled metalwork and uses minimal energy thanks to it’s energy management system.

Key features include

  • Delicious coffee shop quality hot drinks,
  • Freshly brewed tea and 6 soluble canisters,
  • Adjust strength, sugar and milk to suit taste,
  • Energy management,
  • Timed free/discount periods,
  • Cup sensor,
  • Compatible with most payment systems.

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Technical Specification

1830 x 710 x 695 mm


9oz/12oz: 479 / 510

Power Voltage:
230 - 240 Volts AC +/- 10%

Power Current:
13 amps

Consumption - Idle Phase:
173 watt hrs/hr

Consumption - Vending Phase:
550 watt hrs

Consumption - Per Litre:

EVA/EMP Rating:

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