Westomatic: Sigma Touch


With its high definition fully interactive 19-inch touch screen and integrated speakers, the Sigma Touch will intuitively guide you through a variety of user-friendly menus.

Whether you want to treat yourself to a syrup infused latte or add an extra sugar or two to your standard flat white, this Westomatic product will provide you with the same quality of beverage and additional extras you would expect from a coffee shop on the high street, without the annoying queues.

With 3 different eco-friendly paper cup sizes, a decaf menu for those caffeine adverse and an accessibility menu – all of your drinking needs are covered.

It can be programmed to display advertising when not in use which could provide additional subtle yet effective marketing to promote your company or other matters which are important to your business, including adding your own company brand or logo to the touch screen menu.

The Sigma Touch is also extremely efficient, so when not in use it will reduce its energy consumption reduces automatically by up to 30%.

Have the award winning and stylish Sigma Touch installed in your workplace and be comfortable knowing that you, your staff and clients will be refreshed quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

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Westomatic: Sigma Touch Specification Table

Dimensions 1830H x 765D x 710W (mm)
Minimum distance from back wall excluding 100mm from back wall)
Weight 165kg
Cup Capacity 470 based on 12oz (250ml) cup size
Power voltage 230 Volts AC +/- 10%
Power Current 13amps
Power Frequency 50Hz
Consumption – Idle Phase 120 watt hrs/hr
Consumption – Vending Phase 510 watt hrs
Consumption – Per Litre 85 watts/hr/litre
EVA/EMP Rating B

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