The Button Gourmet

The Button Gourmet is an automated restaurant, open around the clock. This user friendly self-service restaurant enables customers to order from 180 interesting and healthy food products including hot and cold plated meals, sandwiches, bean-to-cup coffee in varying sizes plus numerous cold drinks dispensed all at the touch of a button. A microwave is also provided for those quick on-the-go meals. The self-serve facility removes the need for serving staff and long queues.

Its stylish and versatile design is adaptable and can fit into any environment or space to suit your business needs.

Its ease of maintenance and cleaning makes it a great addition for a busy workplace.

The touch screen control is modern, easy to use and understand whilst also providing nutritional information on the foods selected.

It has also been designed so that it is within reach for all users including those who may have disabilities making it an efficient and dynamic product for all.

The Button Gourmet considers the environment as a priority; with recycling waste disposal containers provided as standard.

Button Gourmet was created to take the self-service food industry to the next level.

Make the award winning Button Gourmet a feature in your workplace.

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The Button Gourmet Specification Table

As the Button Gourmet can be adapted to fit most environments, the actual specifications will be dependent on where you want it. Please call us to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate this superb product in your workplace.

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