Great news about something you’ll not want to share!

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our vending machines, Chocomel. This chocolate taste sensation has been around since 1932 and combines decades of expertise with a secret blend of ingredients to create an irresistibly creamy, rich, smooth, and unforgettably chocolatey taste.

You’ve probably seen the playful ‘Sharing Not Required’ TV campaign, and when you taste Chocomel, you’ll not want to share yours either!

However, to celebrate the launch of Chocomel 250ml cans in our vending machines, we’re running competitions on FacebookX and Instagram – on each of these platforms, you can win a case of Chocomel. All you have to do is Like, Share and Tag the person you’d share your case of Chocomel with. Of course, as the advert suggests, sharing is not required!

Chocomel is a premium drinks brand, and if you haven’t tasted it already, look out for the distinctive yellow 250ml cans in our vending machines and try it. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the sensational taste, and like most others, you’ll not want to share it either!

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