Good ideas start with good practice…

Lightbulb Excel’s Major Account Manager, Kim Armstrong, recently shared a picture on LinkedIn which got us thinking about the importance of coffee in everyday life, particularly business life. The image is a lightbulb created using coffee beans and overlaid with the words, “Good ideas start with great coffee”.  It is a powerful image and indeed it may be true that many good ideas start with coffee, however many would argue that most good ideas start over a drink – an alcoholic drink!

Regardless of whether your creative juices are better stimulated by Caffeine or Cote Du Rhone, there can be little argument that coffee will be prolific during the process of taking an idea from inception to implementation.  

The collaborative process thrives on people talking to one another and sharing concepts, exploring the potential and planning the delivery.  These meetings will be more productive in a warm and friendly atmosphere and how better to create the right environment than to start with a good cup of coffee? 

However, this should not only apply to the creative process, creating a conducive atmosphere will make all your meetings more productive; once again, good quality coffee is the perfect way to get everyone in the proper frame of mind to get the job done. 

Consider this too, instead of trying to arrange an appointment, try saying, “when would you be free for a coffee and a chat”, you’ll be surprised at the difference this makes in securing you a meeting.  It’s much less formal and much more inviting, and people are more likely to respond in a positive manner.

At Excel Vending, we realise the value in good quality coffee and we have an extensive range of office and meeting room coffee machines that include features such as, whole bean solutions and rapid hot milk and foam choices.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of machines, why not let us know when you’re free for a coffee and a chat?   You can do so by dropping us an email at, or calling us on 0845 60 40 111, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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