Fresh food was not fast food for a reason…

The demand for fresh food in work environments has been growing steadily; employees are increasingly, and rightly, much more discerning about what they eat.  In fact, people in general are ever more conscious about what they eat and the benefits of nourishing fresh food.  Excel has been a long-time champion of healthier eating choices and we’ve offered a range of healthy snack options for some time.  However, we are now ready to increase our offering to a much wider range of fresh food.

Rather than rush in, we’ve taken our time and we’ve done our research and we’ve partnered with the right people who will help us to deliver the exceptional service and quality our customers have  come to expect.  We will be offering a first-class selection of sandwiches, paninis, porridges, smoothies, salad boxes, hot meals  and other popular healthy choices made with adherence to Healthy Eating Standards.

The communities in which we operate are also important to us, so we will always try to support suppliers in these areas by sourcing local produce for our fresh food selections whenever possible.

Of course, selecting the right products and the manufacturing them to our rigorous standards is only have the battle, we’re investing in refrigerated vans to ensure the products reach you in prime condition.  Likewise, we will continue with our tradition of using the best possible vending machines to deliver your food selection in perfect condition.  And we will ensure each machine has a range of payment options that make the buying experience simple and quick.

The stock monitoring systems in our machines will also ensure we deliver the right mix of products and the correct quantity to ensure your personnel can get the fresh food they want, when they want it.

If you’d like to improve your fresh food offering, please give us a call on 0845 60 40 111, or email us at and we will be pleased to discuss how we can improve the work time eating experience for your staff.

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