Flavia-C500 Coffee MachineIf you’re searching for the perfect office coffee machine which creates no mess, is easy to use and is effortless to clean then look no further than the Flavia range of hot drinks machines.Making over 25 different hot drinks the Flavia hot drinks machines can make a beverage in less than 60 seconds including teas, coffees and hot chocolate. There’s no mess or fuss, just the perfect hot drink every time. It’s the perfect desktop coffee machine for your office or workplace.

We can provide you with specific prices and a detailed quotation for your hot drinks machine – just give us a call on 0845 60 40 111 and we’ll provide a no obligation quote.

Office Coffee & Hot Drinks Machines

We have an extensive collection of coffee vending machines suitable for every size of business from Flavia, N&W, So Pure and much more. Whether you wish a free standing vending machine or a desktop coffee machine for your office, we’re here to help.

We can supply you with your hot drinks machine and keep you stocked with tea, coffee and hot chocolate, so your employees and clients always have a hot drink.

We’ve been servicing our clients around Scotland for over 20 years and we can use our expertise and knowledge to help you and your organisation.

Flavia Coffee Machines for Your Office

If you’ve been thinking about a Flavia coffee machine, which can make a variety of hot drinks, for your office then why not give us a call today. We start by understanding your organisation and tailor our machines to your needs.

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