We have been operational throughout the lockdown, and we have continued to service sites for the NHS and key manufacturing.  Some lower volume products have been discontinued temporarily therefore we have amended product mix in place.  We remain operational and available to resume normal services for all of our clients.

COVID-19 has impacted every business, and new processes and procedures need implementing to ensure the safety of staff and visitors at all business premises.  

This page outlines what we are doing at Excel Vending, and how we can help you with the new arrangements you need to consider.

What we’re doing at Excel

Following Government guidelines, we have implemented changes in the office and warehouse to enable adequate social distancing.  We have multiple sanitisation stations and washing facilities in the property to ensure that staff can take proper hygiene precautions throughout the day.

We will continue to review or operations and amend them in accordance with the latest official advice from the Government and AVA.  Our priority will always be the safety of our staff we welcome to our head office.

Your deliveries and maintenance appointments

We pay equal attention to the safety of our delivery staff and your personnel.  Our delivery drivers are provided with suitable PPE and sanitisation products to ensure that they remain safe on site and we have updated cleaning procedures in place.

For wholesale deliveries our chosen courier will deliver to you but to minimise contact will sign for the parcel on your behalf in line with current guidance.

What we can do for you

We appreciate that many of our clients need to review the provision of catering facilities on their premises.  We also believe vending can provide the best solution for most workspaces.  Compared to a communal kitchen set up, vending is a much more hygienic and manageable option.  The number of touchpoints in a simple tea/coffee making process is adequately highlighted in our short video animation below

Vending machines can offer an option that eliminates most, if not all, of the touchpoints.  We can provide contactless ordering and payment options which can, in most cases, be fitted retrospectively to existing machines.  Vending machines can be cleaned with ease with minimal staff interaction therefore an effective route to deliver a covid compliant catering provision.

Tabletop Vending

Like with full-scale vending machines, we can offer a much better solution for the provision of tea and coffee in meet rooms and visitor areas.  Tabletop coffee machines can operate with stylus ordering, so they become contactless and remain clean and free of any contamination.  See the short animation below that again demonstrates the benefit of these machines over conventional tee and coffee making facilities.

Layouts for social distancing

Many of our customers have been in touch to discuss alternative layouts for their machines to enable social distancing around the vending service areas.  We are happy to discuss your arrangements with you and to help you achieve the layouts that you need to maintain adequate social distancing.  Please call us to arrange a consultation.

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