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Many organisations are currently struggling to provide adequate catering for their workforce; spiralling labour costs, and the changing nature of the workplace are presenting new challenges for those who want, or need, to provide sustenance for their employees.  Indeed, the problem is also evident in public buildings where there is an expectation that food and drink will be available.

Flexible working and shared roles can mean that buildings are now operational far beyond the traditional 9am – 5pm hours; nowadays some of them are operating around the clock, but what does this mean in catering terms?

Button Gourmet Blog1Firstly, there is a duty of care to ensure your workforce, or members of the public, are properly provided for.  Secondly, you cannot favour daytime workers and provide a lesser quality for those working non-standard hours.  Finally, there is the rising cost of manning restaurants and canteens for longer hours, so you can easily start to identify the issues.

The answer may well be Button Gourmet – a 24/7 fully automated solution.  Button Gourmet serves gourmet plated food and high quality beverages 24 hours a day without the need for any staff!  You can now start to see why we’re calling it revolutionary!

Button Gourmet Blog2Beautifully designed and crafted, this automated restaurant dispenses from a very extensive menu via beautiful displays on touch screens.  Moreover, the extraordinarily high level of nutritional information available with every dish provides a much more informed choice than you’ll ever get in a restaurant. This single unit also provides beverages with the same degree of choice and quality, a wide selection of cold drinks and teas are complemented by Barista standard wholebean coffee options.

In addition, such is the meticulous thought that’s gone into the design, it even has provision for separated waste once your diners have enjoyed their apButton Gourmet Blog3petising meals.

Describing this as the ultimate vending machine will most likely do it a disservice, because ‘ultimate’ suggest some kind of aspirational or luxury item.  Indeed, the Button Gourmet is quite the reverse.  With three clearly identified business models; Cantina 24/7, Eatingpoint, and Micromarket the Button Gourmet can easily present itself as a viable and economic solution for most organisations.

There really are too many features to mention, and advantages to cover; the best way to see just how revolutionary Button Gourmet really is, is to start the journey by contacting Dawn Buchan or Brian Kelly on 0845 60 40 111.  They will be happy to answer any questions and arrange for you to see why Button Gourmet is a revolutionary, but highly effective solution for your organisation.

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