Add a bit of colour: A simple but effective improvement…

Striving for excellence has always been a the core of our business; from service to products and from technology to partners, we have always sought to find the best solutions. 

It’s also great to see this philosophy being adopted by the manufacturers we work with; having created a market-leading vending machine, Crane haven’t just rested on their laurels, they’ve found a simple way to make it even better – by adding colour.

Now, you can select from a broad range of colours that match your branding or the interior where the machine is located.  We think it displays the attention to detail that we practice at Excel – it’s a simple, but very effective innovation that could enhance your vending areas.  Take a look at the video below to witness the power of colour.



ICON by Crane is a stylish free-standing premium hot beverage machine, robustly engineered and featuring state-of-the-art technology and touch user interface. It delivers each drink consistently with stellar taste, aroma, colour and appearance. Premium quality comes as standard with Crane, with their machines serving continental style coffees made with real espresso and freshly ground from beans as well as freshly brewed leaf tea.

Crane understand the power of colour and how it improves the user experience and so they have just announced that you can now customise your ICON machine to match the interior design, logo or branding with a personal touch by colouring the Escutcheon surround, which can be painted in any RAL colour. And we mean, any colour. Check out the images below to see how your ICON could look.




If you’d like more info on the ICON machine, please contact us on 0845 60 40 111, or email us at

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