At Excel Vending we take our corporate social responsibility incredibly seriously. Through various initiatives we’re able to help those who are in most need of it.

Due to the business in which we operate we’ve been able to include certain products, such as Life Water, where it’s place in our machines has had a knock on benefit to those in desperate need of help.

In addition we continually stock our vending machines with fairtrade products, ensuring that those who create them see the returns from their creations. Learn more about Excel’s approach to Fairtrade products here.

It’s not all about the products we stock though. We know we also have a responsibility to the communities in which we operate. We are huge supporters of With Kids, a children’s charity based in the east end of Glasgow. The support we provide the charity can vary from providing food and drink for it’s events, to being that of a financial contribution.

Giving back to our local communities as well as helping others through carefully selected products is central to the operation of Excel Vending and is a part of the business we’re constantly looking to grow.