About Us

Quality is key

Our continued drive for quality provides our clients with exceptional customer service and hassle-free reordering. We are proud to have customers who return to us again and again – and have done for over 20 years.

Excel’s focus on service excellence has provided us with the opportunity to collect many awards and accolades, as well as access to the Automatic Vending Services buying group:

  • We were the first Scottish vending company to attain the ISO 14001, ISO 18001 & ISO 9001 Standard
  • We are proud to own the Automatic Vending Association’s Quality Standard
  • We are part of the Automatic Vending Services buying group, which allows us access to new technology and products before they arrive in the broader marketplace. AVS is the most prestigious vending group in the UK.

Early adopters

Traditionally, Excel Vending are early adopters.  Because of the buying power that comes with membership of AVS, we always have access to the latest machines on the market.  Indeed, we often have access to new machines before they are available on the open market.  But it’s not just about the machines we supply; we have excellent relationships with the drinks and snacks manufacturers that often gives us advance access to their products.

Healthy eating

Our approach is also evident in our willingness and speed to adapt to trends and changing attitudes. Healthy eating choices has long been something with which we associate. We have worked with NHS Health Scotland to raise awareness of healthy eating choices. We advise catering operators on what’s available to them to ensure they are offering an adequate selection of healthy options in their vending machines.

Environmentally aware

Likewise, we were quick to embrace Reverse Vending.  We have been installing reverse vending machines since 2018.  We have supplied universities, colleges, schools, shopping centres and other public building with the latest reverse vending technology.  We championed the impending introduction of the Deposit Return Scheme which will become law in 2020.  The DPS means that retailers will be required to give refunds on all single use bottles and cans.  Our reverse vending machines are a key part of the infrastructure to deliver a successful Deposit Return Scheme.


And it’s not just single use bottles and cans that concern us; reducing the use of disposable cups is also an issue close to our hearts.  Working with Keep Scotland Beautiful, we have sponsored pilot schemes such as the Glasgow Cup Movement to ensure we are doing what we can to raise awareness of the issues around the disposal and recycling of cardboard cups.  Indeed, all of our vending machines are set up to encourage the use of the users own reusable cups.

Serving the whole country

No matter where in the country you are, we can service all of your vending needs. Excel Vending provides UK wide national service from our headquarters in East Kilbride, Scotland.

Our team dispatch food and drinks daily with all orders delivered personally by our dedicated fleet. No matter where in the country you are, we guarantee dispatch of all consumables orders within 24 hours of receipt so there’s no need to worry about planning your vending stock weeks in advance.

We have GPS technology for our 20 plus operators and 6 engineers based in Scotland, ensuring excellent response times for our customers.

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