A sincere thanks for some crucial support you may not be aware of

In our experience, many businesses, and especially our customers, have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. Every day we hear about what organisations are doing to give back to the communities where they operate and even wider afield. 

So, we thought we’d share some information you may not know about where you have provided much-needed and genuinely appreciated support this year. 

One of our popular products is Caffe Praego Coffee; it’s the coffee bean we supply as standard in Excel Vending Machines and it’s exclusive to us in Scotland. So, if you have bought Caffe Praego from Excel Vending, you have made a significant impact by supporting a vital initiative in Rwanda, Central East Africa.

Caffe Praego returns £3 per case to the communities close to their coffee washing stations and co-operatives, giving realistic hope and a future to many young lives.

The Caffe Praego Coffee Company Ethical Impact Report for 2022 has just been completed. It highlights the valuable contribution the sale of their coffee continues to make in the regions they support. For example, through their funding partner Point Foundation and joint donor Teapigs Tea Company, new legacy projects, in addition to current support, are enabling Point Foundation’s Mwogo Vocational Training Centre to grow into a major educational hub in one of Central East Africa’s poorest regions serving over 130 students.

The good news for 2023 is that your support will continue to provide crucial support and assistance. In January, they will install an electricity supply to the area and start building new classrooms for their Hair & Beauty, Tailoring & Literary students that will sit alongside the new Culinary Academy completed last month. This will significantly improve the current cramped and leaking rooms we use today. 

So, as you enjoy your next Caffe Praego Coffee, you can take comfort from the fact that others are enjoying the benefits through the excellent philanthropic work that the Point Foundation team in Rwanda are doing.

On behalf of Excel Vending, Caffe Praego and Point Foundation, we sincerely thank you and wish you a very happy and joyful Christmas.

If you’d like to read/download the full Caffe Praego Impact Report for 2022, you can access it here

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