A good cup of coffee starts with a good coffee machine…

At Excel Vending, we value our partnerships, we strive to work with the best manufacturers and producers, this has enabled us to grow over the last 25 years and to bring you the level of products and service for which we are recognised.

One such partnership is with de Jong DUKE, manufacturer of high-end coffee machines that certainly meet the high standards we set.

De Jong DUKE may not be a name you are overly familiar with, but the company has been around  for over 120 years and for more than half of that period they have been innovating in the coffee industry.


  • In 1971 de Jong DUKE delivered Europe’s first filterfresh® machine.
  • In 2003 de Jong DUKE introduced the CoEx®, the world’s first dual brewer.
  • In 2010 de Jong DUKE developed and launched ConnectMe, an online application offering full two-way communication which brings coffee machines online.

With their pedigree and passion, it’s not difficult to see why Excel Vending value this partnership which enables us to represent them in exclusively in Scotland.

De Jong DUKE machines are specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses that recognise the value in providing and exceptional coffee experience for the employees and visitors.  The machines are beautifully designed and manufactured to the highest standards, but it is the technology that truly sets them apart from other similar size machines.

The award winning de Jong DUKE Nio (pictured here) is typical of what to expect when you invest in a de Jong DUKE coffee machine, here are just some of the features:

  • 10.4” full colour touch screen High resolution [800×600] Glass front
  • CoEx® brewer Hot Water outlet
  • Cup sensors (including glass)
  • Removable waste bin
  • Lockable ingredient canisters
  • Stylish aluminium casing

De Jong DUKE also appreciate that coffee choices vary, so the Nio can accommodate a variety of configurations; if you wish to offer a choice of coffee beans, the ingredients canisters will allow you to do this.  If you want to offer chocolate and coffee, the Nio can do that too – the choice is yours.

A typical configuration might be a 150 cup canister for coffee beans, a 120 cup canister for chocolate and a 240 cup canister for toppings.  So, you can offer a great choice without constantly refilling the machine.

Excel Vending have been working with de Jong DUKE for over 2 years and we believe their values and ethos are totally aligned with ours, we are delighted to be their representative in Scotland.

Of course, a high-end machine is one thing, the quality of the coffee you use in the machine is the other ingredient that will ensure the perfect coffee experience.  We recommend Café Praego coffee beans to ensure every cup from the de Jong DUKE is fully appreciated.

If you’d like to improve your coffee experience with a de Jong DUKE machine, please give us a call on 0845 60 40 111, or email us at info@excel-vending.co.uk and we will be pleased to demonstrate the quality and stylish design of the de Jong DUKE Nio.

Please click the icon below to download the de Jong DUKE Nio brochure.


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